Friday, March 16, 2018

The Power Of Your Network

Subtitle:  Life's connections, illogical Captain

So Marcus and Agata did some Dog Sitting recently.  We posted our tale briefly on Facebook.

An old friend saw it and invited us to do some cat sitting

So we set off and installed ourself

We went out running and bumped into a Health Centre

We got chatting with the helpful receptionist Syliva

She mentioned that perhaps wowcher were doing a deal to have introductory membership for just 5 GBP

We joined wowcher  which is free and did all the paperwork and today we had our first Gym class.


What did we learn?

A long list of unrelated situations led us to this fantastic Gym.  To Marcus it emphasises the power of networking.  Of course in 2018 this should not just be limited to IRL  (in real life)  person to person communication, nor exclusively Internet based communication.

By Once removed communication I mean

- Person to Person
- Friend to Friend
- Internet Special Interest groups, like Google Communities
- Facebook or other Social Media

No man  (or woman) is or should be an island.

Once removed means something other than Google, an initial lead or special deal that you found via physical or electronic communication with another.   And of course helped along the way with Google, but not initiated by.

And so, we can't wait to get to the fancy Gym again tomorrow.  What a treat!