Thursday, March 01, 2018

The Give It Here Enthusiasm Test

I can do anything better than you

We all have different levels of experience, training, intelligence.  Have you ever been in a situation where you unequivocally took over  a situation.  But your motives for so doing can vary dramatically, and they may be far from friendly.

Which sort of person does this make you?

Pure Enthusiast
It's just your favourite topic.   You are certainly not wanting to show off but you worked diligently on this subject for over 30 years.  You can see that your friend is struggling and so you go charging in, with good humour to help them out, by basically taking over.

Marcus would venture that this is his self identified categorisation whenever my very talented wife Agata begins to falter with any Linux or UNIX systems issue.   I go charging in, smiles a blazing!

Save (their) Face person
You are basically a very kind and generous person.   You realise that your colleague is unable to complete their public task.  In fact, if they go ahead they will make a terrible fool of themselves.   Just this once you are going to take over and then you promise to coach them private and get them up to speed.  Next time they will be ready.   You are a true friend and somebody with a generous spirit.

Mentor in Hurry

You are normally a terribly polite Mentor who takes time to explain tasks to those in your team.   But this month you face a seemingly impossible mountain of tasks.   Your request for assistance needs to handled quickly.   No time for a full explanation.  Just takeover and complete.

 A variation on this theme is that you are the Frustrated Mentor.  One coworker just never seems to learn.  In fact your coworker seems rather lazy.  The more you help and explain to them; the more they come to you. time and again, to help fix the same style problems.   You have had enough!  This time you will fix it, but you say it will be the last time.   Unless they can show you they are making an effort, they can stand on their own in the future.

Benevolent Dictator
You think of yourself as a nice guy/girl.   But you have very visible limits and don't suffer fools gladly.  Everybody recognises you have skills, but that people have to grovel to get your help, and you sort of like that.  You expect that.  Further, you selectively help people, based on who you find attractive/other-oddball-criteria.   You are in a position of power, but those around are increasingly aware that you are on the road to becoming a Bully.


You really have no idea how to complete the task that you have just barged into.   The problem is that you just don't realise your own limitations.

Quite frankly you are an overconfident idiot with an ego.  In fact, you are so stupid you don't even realise this


You are a Bully with skills.   You take pleasure in not helping others.   You wait for them to get into trouble and then steam in to rectify their stupid errors   (your words).

Whilst you could educate your team you don't .  Moreover you have Engineered processes so that only you alone really know them and so you are setting up your team to fail.

You make absolutely sure everything you do is undocumented.  You are far too busy, helping fools you insist.

You don't know it but management are alerted and sooner or later they plan to train others up to replace you.

In Summary

Help others less skilled than yourselves to become better.  But they have to try just a little of course, they can't expect you to always be around.

Help people in a fair and non biased way,  and don't become a bully or a dictator of any sort, because no matter how good you are, this kind of behaviour  ruins lives,  both yours and others.