Sunday, March 11, 2018

Sunday Sermon: This House Believes We cannot Thrive Without Religion

David Silverman: Against

First, let me say that I do prefer the Oxford Union debates to those of the rival Cambridge Union.  That having been said both channels are an extremely good listen and I have referenced them earlier.

That having been said the video that I am asking you to watch closely is one of 6 , 3 proposing and 3 against.

The Motion: This House Believes We cannot Thrive Without Religion.

To me I would ideally ask you to view all 6 of the videos regarding this lecture.   In some you will find

- Good but misguided people
- People giving God  (their God obviously) credit for the actions of 'their faithful'
- A sea of non sequitur   (does not follow) arguments
- Good humour
- Delusion
- Above all, people talking with faith and conviction; trying to persuade by force of their aimable character.

But enough about the Proposers :-)

I would posit that the proposers pale into total and utter insignificance when you view and listen to the views of the esteemed David Silverman.

I think he made his defense well, but please watch and listen most carefully to the video and you the reader be the judge.