Monday, March 05, 2018

Stop Driving our Cars

Subtitle: No really, PLEASE, stop driving our cars.

More so even than Guns,  Americans like Cars. But not just any cars, they really like non American cars, for example those designed in and manufactured in Germany, Japan, and the UK.

The imbalance between who buys what cars is based primarily on free choice and fitness for purpose.

For the European consumer to buy American:   The US needs to build better cars  ( as famously remarked by Angela Merkel)

For the US consumer to buy American:  The US needs to build better cars!

I'd love to do a survey of 1000 home and Student rooms in the US and find of those who put up posters of cars, how many are 'all American' cars.  I wonder indeed.

Give it Back

In my considerably long lifetime, including over 3 decades of car obsession; I have marveled at how US cars, I mean: not German cars manufactured in the US, I mean US cars.   How US car designs went from totally absolutely sh** to moderately sh** / still uncompetitive.   They never even approached  /best in class/

It's like an Open Secret within the US.  Don't buy a US Engineered car (Corvette and Tesla excepted) if you want

- Quality Manufacture

- Reliability
- Economy
- Latest Driver Aids or Safety or Economy features

The rest of the world gave the US over 30 years to get it right. But still not.   Oh but please do your own research to see if my claim is incorrect.

US Consumer reports

With One Exception
The principal exception I can think of to American complacency is Tesla, an American company focusing on 100% Electric vehicles.  Problem is, the current US administration is doing everything it can to favour fossil fuels.

Come to Europe Tesla! Move your manufacturing and Technology, and well everything, to Europe.   You will be so much happier here.

A message to EU and Japanese Manufactures

The USA does not want your products.  So please, just sell them elsewhere.  Other parts of Asia, European Home market, Eastern European market.

From Land of the Free to Land of Protectionism and Home of the Tarrif  in one session.  Unbelievable.


Burning down the House

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