Monday, March 12, 2018

Staying Shapely

I will never forget the moment that I went to a multi performer concert and was confused why the warm up act to the Peter Gabriel live show was playing peter gabriel music.

Why is that old guy playing his songs, when Gabriel comes onto the stage he will be furious!

And then I realised the truth,  the egg shaped man playing was Peter Gabriel.  

Ever since that moment I have had added respect for celebrities and musicians who have kept in shape despite their advancing years.

Captain Kirk  Willam Shatner 86

I remember watching this in 1967 and Captain Kirk looked pretty good to me.

But even in this 6 year old picture shown above the puddings have indeed come to stay

The Sweet

A great song I danced to in 1978 here

But now 40 years later things have gotten a little heavy

Peter Gabriel 68

Peter Gabriel live in 1978

And today, as above, you all know the score.

We are still not worthy
On my hitlist for still in decade defying shape I have left entertainers like

Madonna   59

Madonna 4 minutes ( she was 50)

Madonna at 59.  Just incredible

Depeche Mode: Dave Gahan  55

Enjoy the silence  (at 52)  Incredible.

Alison Moyet  56

Don't go at 56

So to all the oldies that are keeping in shape.  I salute you.