Friday, March 23, 2018

Should You Delete Facebook

Quartz: Should I delete

Subtitle: No!

Do you remember that awkward / strange / weird family who lived down the street when you were growing up many years ago.  The ones that refused to buy a TV.

Or more recently that family who believed that Smartphones were not necessary and on balance quite harmful and evil and so banned them

Or in 2018 the muppets who in a knee-jerk reaction deleted their Facebook account.

A Limited Facebook User

Marcus would rate himself as a minimal necessary Facebook user.

- It is a useful platform to broadcast messages to friends.

- Agata and Marcus have many friends who we don't see regularly and are often in other parts of the world.  Physically visiting them is not an option.  Facebook really helps us understand what is going on in their lives and we reciprocate and tell our Friends about ours.

- Unlike (that awful) WhatsApp application it's a one to many broadcast.   WhatsApp is great for one to one messaging, but not really suited to broader interactions.  I'm especially cynical of Brian Action, the cofounder and his irresponsible comments.

- Facebook is not a serious medium.  I never have and don't expect to have a deeply meaningful conversation there. I don't raise issues about Politics, Mumbo Jumbo or Religion there.

- I personally don't use Facebook for Games and never use Facebook logons to other WebApplications like Spotify etc.  Example, I'd generate my own Spotify userid, to be doing otherwise compromises security more than I'd like.

- I don't use Facebook for News, I read a Newspaper and Aggregator online

- In general I restrict my use of Facebook to Social Media only, you know, it's original design purpose!

- I'm forced to use Facebook for messaging because now everybody does  (and they don't typically use Skype or an.other company messanger).

The Way Forward

Computerphile: Social Media Data

- If you are lazy and go with the cop out plea of Facebook/The Government/God or basically anybody other than yourself is responsible for protecting me and my data.  Well you know, to be safe, just delete your Facebook account, and stop using the Internet, and any Technology you don't understand and trust: that  probably includes items like your digital watch and your car.  You should go and live in a Hut.

- If you are IT professional who does not understand Facebook security, then do some research to understand it and take action / control.

- If you are an IT professional who after researching still does not understand. well you are not a very good IT person are you?, goto #general dumbass section

- If you are old and claim this as an excuse for not understanding Facebook find a young person friend and get them to help you check your Security settings

CNET: Limiting Facebook

- If you are a general dumbass who can't read one of a bzillion web articles written in simple language but is still concerned, then go and see an IT person friend who is not lazy and who is knowledgeable.

And now I'm going back to Facebook.  I have some important posts to make

And finally from devRant to FaceBook or maybe to my more technical audience on Google+ ?