Tuesday, March 06, 2018

Review: MWC Mobile World Congress 2018

We did not goto Barcelona in 2018 to Mobile World Congress but Marcus sat thru all the online sessions and news sources he could find.

The results were:

Big New Shiny Phone Announces

Asus Zenfone 5 & 5Z

Perhaps my most favourite announcement of the whole show

+ Their best model (the 5Z) will be less than 500 Euros
- But it ships only June 2018 and you know how unreliable/ unpredictable  ASUS worldwide rollout dates are
+ Yep it has a notch!

I'm a big fan of the Apple innovation  (there I said it) to maximally use the front surface of the Smartphone.  ASUS has thought hard how to add value with its reinterpretation resulting in an even larger screen to body ratio with some ways to present the most relevant icons inside the notch.


Anandtech re ASUS 5

Samsung S9

Press announce in 12 mins

A small incremental upgrade on the S9 except for quite radically new camera technology  (variable aperture),  jury is currently out as to how much improvement this really makes.

Most agree that we expected something more radical from Samsung.

The phone is suitable for anybody except an S8 owner

LG V30S ThinQ

An even more lacklustre upgrade than Samsung,  the V30S ThinQ, so named because who doesn't like a random meaningless name,  is the tiniest incremental improvement over the existing V30.

Nokia Event

Engadget's sub 10 minute summary of the Nokia announce.   Actually all respect to Nokia, with pure unadulterated Android and frequent updates to Oreo and commitment to later Android versions.  Superb.  If suitably priced these will be incredibly popular.  Now Google is only making extremely expensive Smartphones if Nokia can fill the gap for Reasonably priced 'Stock Android' they will have struck gold.


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Huawei P20 launch is March 27 2018