Monday, March 26, 2018

Oversupply, Manufacturing and Wowcher

This article is not about Apple or Wowcher and believe me I am not being endorsed to recommend either,  it is really about Manufacturing.

For years consumers have been led to believe that

- New Products are Better than Old
- That New is Faster, More Reliable and with many more Features and Facilities
- And modern manufacturing has never been better at providing us with more stuff and less cost

But in 2018

- Many new products are only slightly better than their old counterparts
- We may be only using a fraction of that products capabilities anyway, a last gen product may still be in reality more than we actually need.
- New may not any more Reliable
- They are nearly all made in China, and often in reality designed there in part or majoritavily too.
- The cost of some new, Apple being a great example, is very high, even for the quite wealthy

And Wowcher Exists
Traditionally there was no easy way to deal with a retailer for second hand goods.   You could goto eBay or other second hand marketplaces.   But you are buying sight unseen and usually without warranty.

Enter stores like Wowcher which is just one example from the UK, our new home, back from a decade plus living in Switzerland.  What is the difference?

- UK based mail order store
- New goods at very low prices
- Refurbished goods at even lower prices.  I invite you to search for Apple iMac and Apple iPhone
- They offer a warranty!

Of course like most 2018 UK mail order they sell a multiplicity of goods and you have to remember (hard) not to fill your house full of low cost, possibly high quality crap.   Self control is necessary, especially at these low prices.

In Summary
For years consumers had difficulty getting rid out outdated electronics, except perhaps for free to family members and special friends.

But today several mechanism exists to recycle items and now firms like Wowcher sell both new products at low prices but also refurbished recycled electronics.

Especially for high end brands like Apple this gives the consumer new flexibility to actually spend less and help stem the monstrous exponentially expanding manufacturing cycle and actually reuse technology.

Well done Wowcher.