Wednesday, March 07, 2018

Not The Geneva Motor Show 2018

Autocar: Best of Geneva 2018

Shmee: Geneva 2018

A Sad Introduction

Marcus and Agata have faithfully attended the Geneva Motor show for the last 10 years plus.   But this year we are absent, principally because Geneva is not a 45 minute train ride away anymore :-(

That being said Geneva Motor show and well, the manufacturers themselves are letting consumers down.  And here is why

- I  don't mind seeing concept cars

- I like high end Supercars, and Hypercars, but really in 2018, they begin to be a what the hell is the point.  Because roads are too congested, and top speeds of say 300 Km/h plus they are not useful or legal on any road   (some German autobahns excepted).
- So a few High End cars, but not to the exclusion of everything else, even at Geneva which is a really top of the line show

- And personally I'm interested in compact, economical cars, not large, oversized, heavy monstrosities.

What did we get?

@Geneva 2018

The above represents the press coverage from magazine Autocar on the Geneva Palexpo 2018 press day.    Mainly  supercars then.

What do we want? Electric

When do we want it?  Now

The whole world is crying out for a small performant electric car.  And dear manufacturers I have the specs for you to make this really so very easy.

The first manufacturer to product the following will literally clean up.

- A small sports car, this means say about 4 metres

- 2 seater or 2 seats + 2 small rear seats
- Electric only,  no Petrol Engine, not a Hybrid
- 4 motor, 4 wheel drive
- Ideally a Coupe, and maybe later a convertible
- Range of 300miles plus between recharging
- Top Speed 100mph ( 161 Km/h)
- 0 - 100km/h in < 6 seconds
- Full luxury: Inside you can spec it to be luxurious
- Full driver aids: Lane control, adaptive everything, 
- Full technology features: regenerative braking etc
- Curvaceous beautiful design
- I'd prefer something low and sleek, say 1350mm or lower
- For me a Hatchback would be ideal
- Cost has to be low, like  Tesla Model 3 territory
- Similar to the VW Golf model,  your product needs extreme configurability, (and consequent price ranging).  From the base spec  entry level electric, to one with an emphasis on performance, or luxury, or features, or all three etcetera.

Now, how bloody difficult can that be?

Rather than focus efforts on Electric Hypercars

A Worked Example

In recent years Honda has been class leading in lack lustre car launches.  Even the NSX Generation 2  (and I speak as a NSX Gen 1 owner) is a total let down.   It's Electric Hybrid powertrain being truly and utterly pathetic.   (It's designed as a momentary electric power boost to Petrol and can't power the car solely for literally more than a few seconds )

But recently Honda  have shown 2 promising concepts

Honda Sports EV Concept

Fully Charged

So dear Manufacturers, forget about HyperCars with 0-60 mph times in sub 4 seconds.  And with  Top speeds exceeding 300 km/h.  Please focus your efforts on a real world electric Sports Coupe.

Honda, the above prototypes are wonderful, but you know, you can instead, right now, just take the last generation CR-Z, or CR-X remove the Petrol Engine, fill it full of Lithium Ion, 4 wheel Electric motor drive,  and you'd already have a class leading car.

And to other mainstream manufacturers, like Subaru, Toyota,  Audi,  etcetera, just what are you waiting for?


Geneva Palexpo Autosalon 2018
Tesla Roadster 2.0  20171116