Tuesday, March 27, 2018


Humanity #1

Ever since I concluded that Ricky Gervais was responsible for the most profound Religious movie ever, and I do stress ever I have began to admire his comedy especially his later works like Derek, and his live / standup 

Ricky has commented that he now feels more comfortable with standup and his latest Humanity 80 minute comedy special is now available on Netflix.

Topics Covered Include

Children, Hampstead,  Dogs, Fame, Trans People, Allergies, Balls,   Post Truth,  Popularity,  Stupidity, Twitter,  Rape, Animal Cruelty, Ageing

Quote From Twitter
Your scients,  won't help you when Satan is raping your British ass. I'll be laughing.

There is much adult and offensive content, but then I'd argue we are all offended by different things, and the point of the comedy special, to me at least, is to get you to think, oh and to laugh.

That Netflix
So currently you have to either go to a Ricky Gervais concert or watch it via Netflix.


Humanity Clip #2