Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Getting Arty

Yes it is that time again.  Marcus and Agata made a dash down to London for some culture, well if not culture we did find time to step into the Tate Modern.

A wonderful time was had by Marcus, Agata and Sue.   I'd recommend this experience to anybody.

Let me start with controversy ...
 At a distance I thought: Dobby, Degas or Dancer?

 Okay then, well it is Dancer by Degas, I was way wrong

Must save this for a future Sunday Sermon :-)


 Remember James Cooke

We thought somebody was actually messing with us, unless this exhibit which appeared to be working was cunningly called "Out of Order"

 It started getting good / wierd

 I was especially annoyed that this was not vertical.

This work had us and all around muttering loudly, yes well, we could definitely have done that!

Simple but effective

We liked and spent time discussing what we could rather use if for, example a speaker enclosure.

Marathon, we like

 A minor Disappointment
Since the Tate Modern is housed in a former Power Station, and I am an ex Power Station employee I was hoping they had kept a floor with some old turbines or something I could directly relate to.  Sadly not.  I guess we will have to visit the Science Museum for that or similar

The Gift Shop
Yes we visited and of course did our bit and bought something.

And Finally
For UK knowledgeable people only.  What is special about some of these notes.  And which ones exact;y?

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