Saturday, March 03, 2018

Farewell to Maplin

Maplin is not deceased yet in the UK but apparently in Legal administration.

UK government: administration

I am trying to think, but since the demise of Radio Shack/ Tandy Maplin was IMHO the only retailer where you can go in and browse for electronic components.

Times Move On
In ancient times and I mean pre Internet & Web, Physical shops like Radio Shack/Tandy and Maplin were the places  to go to pickup componentry.

Alternatively, you could get big paper catalogs from the likes of Farnell and make an order in writing.

But now in 2018, Electronics supplier keep their entire catalog of even the smallest cheapest parts online.

Further eBay, and I would recommend eBay Hong Kong / China, is a plentiful resource for components costing as little as 0.5 GBP.  And somehow they usually manage to ship them to me with free postage. I know, bonkers.

Supporter But
Every time we goto to local Stratford upon Avon we try to pop into Maplin.  This store we find:

- Rather expensive for things we might like, example: SD cards, connectors, specialist batteries
- Full of staff who usually don't seem to be that knowledgeable
- A lot of staff:  Last time I counted 3 staff and no evidence of customers!

We did buy a Ring 2 Doorbell there recently, so Maplin you are welcome! We have supported you, so there.

Some Videos

Home Alone

Maplin Jumper


A Connection
As a customer, and a developer I feel sad at the impending loss of this store, even though I used it less recently, well because since our return to the UK in 2017, I was still in the habit of eBaying stuff from HK.  After all, in our previous home of Switzerland there was no choice!  No retail chain of Component shops.  I list some Press reports below, but I do wonder how many of their 'tech journalists' ever visited, or dashed into Maplin to buy that battery, or connector they desperately needed to complete their custom circuit.   I'm pretty sure the journo's involved never even picked up a soldering iron in their lives.  Hmm.

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