Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Curious George

George Rests
I think the Golden Rule is applicable both to Kitty ownership and Kitty care:

Treat your kitty as you would wish to be treated.

This is the overriding principle that Agata and Marcus have been using last week in caring for George who is shown above resting.

Well resting after another day of eating, stretching, playing, meowing, running, napping and generally being a cat.
Dear CarersWe received a call recently from a friend to help with some Kitty caring and we have dutifully obliged.  In fact, it is our continued pleasure.

Cats vs Dogs

More or less, Dogs do aim to please and are quite loyal and once familiarised are not known for going off on their own, causing their carers a small heart attack ...

Meanwhile looking after a cat, is a little more tricky

- You never really own a cat, it's more a question of service to them
- Cats are quite independent and let you know at every possible opportunity that they don't need you  (well except possibly for food supply)
- A Cat make take his or her time to get used to you.   They are in fact vetting your capabilities,  finding good staff is difficult they might be heard to meow
- By the time your Kitty has decided you are acceptable it might be time to hand them back

The Complications

For us the stress involved in looking after somebody's most loved pet, when that pet is allowed to come and go as they please cannot be understated.

And in this instance since George lives in London it is in the middle of a highly populated area full of fast moving cars and other cat unfriendly hazards

To add comedy into the situation we have found that George exits his house and high tails it next door at every and I mean every opportunity to raid the food supply of the cat next door.

Yes, Marcus offered to, and did setup a Motion triggered Webcam next door and has caught George making a bee-line for the neighbours cat wet food. To such an extent he seems to be not impressed with the dry food component of his diet in his own home. (He leaves it and shoots off next door).

Still, we are of course charmed

And So

It is Goodnight from Me and Goodnight from Him.

Prefab Sprout: Cars and Girls
(A feel good video that reminds of the fun Marcus and Agata are having Kitty caring George )