Friday, March 02, 2018

Climbing Mount Improbable

Porsche: Climbing Glenshee Ski Centre

I watched a fascinating video that Porsche sent me yesterday, it brought to light a number of interesting points, however maybe not the ones that you thought of

The British Weather
As I commented this Tuesday  the whole of the UK Press has gone into non stop 24x7 alarm bells mode.

As of today, Friday AM ...

- Yes there is some snow over the UK
- As I write this the temperature outside is -3 degrees, this is the second day where the temperature has been below zero for the majority of the day.   I am really not getting that excited!
- Except in a few areas, and I mean isolated, we are talking about a covering of under 5 cm
- Due to inadequate road clearing equipment, some UK roads are impassable
- Due to inadequate road tyres and the unfamiliarity of driving in snow there have been more UK accidents than are necessary, but hey, they seem to make great Press footage
- As per BBC and other links, though the press and newscasters recommend not going to work in most cases if you stay at home; you may need to take holiday or forego a day's salary

It's Me Me and Me
Not only are the UK press having a field day, they are concentrating only on the UK and not mainland Europe.   Report after report ignores the much bleaker weather on the mainland.   Friends from our old home town of Lausanne, Switzerland reported -11 degrees C with windchill down to -20 degrees C, temperatures that makes the UK weather look like a summer day.

Kathy in Lausanne just sent me some photographs from her exercise class, outside in Geneva from last week.

Do you see what I am talking about people of Britain!

Back to that Video
The Porsche video is of course entertaining and very well timed.  However it's rather disingenuous.  Why?

Because the reason that Car managed to climb that piste is 90% (or greater) due to its winter tyres.   4 wheel drive is a secondary and insignificant factor.

Guess what, on November 17, 2017 Marcus and Agata replaced our Summer Tyres with Specialised Winter Tyres.

We have written multiple times about the benefits of winter tyres.  See this

And so Thursday, we drove about 20Km back from town on UK Warwickshire roads that the council had failed to properly clear, and were continuously stuck behind justifiably nervous UK motorists teetering around like first time drivers; as their cars wobbled and slid around. 

Smug mode on indeed!

Plucky Brit Mode
Of course the British are famous for coming together in times of hardship and adversity.   I'm happy to hear stories of courage, bravery and kindness during this period, but really, I'd rather have a better thought our Infrastructure that is designed at its core to deal with these difficult weather situations. It really does not have to be this way.

We Did Our Bit
For at least an hour Thursday and two hours Friday  (so far!)  we took bags of Road Salt and spread them down our 1Km driveway.   Part of the drive is on a greater than 13 degree gradient, and for others without Winter Tyres this could be quite dangerous.  Yes neighbours, you are welcome!

In Summary
Great marketing as always Porsche.   To pass on the favour I can say that this is the Main Link to the Turbo S for the UK.    This is the 911 Turbo brochure. Here is the Exclusive series documentation if you want to make it really special.   Priced from 150K GBP,  Winter Tyres not included.

Brits please don't panic
Chaos in England

Apologies to Richard  [Dawkins] for shamelessly stealing one of your tag lines!