Saturday, March 10, 2018

Auctions: Where People Buy Just Anything

NCIX Bankruptcy Auction

Marcus does follow the exploits of the Canadian Vlogger Linus Sebastian .   The content that he produces at Linux Tech Tips is the sort of content that I might aspire to if I was in this marketplace.  Do please check it out.

This week Linus visited his old company NCIX which has declared bankruptcy and had exactly the same bewildering experience that Marcus and Agata have had when they visit auctions in the UK recently.

Some people seem to buy any old crap

I wrote about it  here and later here

Evening up the Odds with Unix, Lynx and Grep :-)
Since Marcus and Agata are now of distinctly modest means we thought, how can we use our brains to sift thru the chaotic web presentation from some our our Auction haunts.

Some Unix Shell and Powershell coding later
cat ?? | cut -c10-  | grep -vi incomplete | grep -vi smashed | grep -vi salvage | grep -vi spares | sed s'/^[0-9]* X .*//'g  | sed s'/QTY OF //'g | sed s'/ITEMS TO INCLUDE //'g | sort -u

We now have a way to sift thru programmatically items and lists more automatically so we can find if there is anything interesting.

So now

We can instantly see what is totally and utterly boring

Or instantly search for something we might actually need

Of Course
The main issue which cannot be overcome is the seeming lemming like propensity of people to buy regardless of 

- the total price based on the commission and buyers fee  (can be as high as 50%)
- buying without inspection an item very likely to be defective
- At prices often exceeding retail
- Without any warranty

As Linus commented, forget the computer business, we need to get into the Auction business.  Doh!