Wednesday, March 14, 2018

A Basic Rule of Management

No Chaos, Just Great Energy

Subtitle: I recognise the cut of your jib

I was always taught there was a certain minimal set of rules of etiquette, than even the most Dilbert-esq pointy haired boss would certainly follow

Hiring and Firing
As a Manager on your first day at work you will be there in person to greet your new Employee

As a Manager you will inform your employee first and directly that their employment is terminated and be there to usher them out on their last day

This was taught as Basic Courtesy 101, Basic Humanity 101 and Basic Management 101

NB: In times of Outsourcing where your direct Employee is in a distant land,  in person may be modified to video-call or at absolute worst telephone call.

He who cannot be Named
I still maintain an official news blackout regarding the individual I shall refer to as He who cannot be Named.

I will however comment that I can see from the way James Comey and Rex Tillerson have finished their last employment a basic rule has been broken

James Comey

(saw a report on Television)

YouTube: James Comey Fired   BBC

Rex Tillerson

(read a tweet)

Google: Rex Tillerson fired  Engadget

The End Shall Not justify Any Means

Whatever you think about your Manager, your Commander in Chief, your CEO,  their means to an End is important.

Perhaps in a specific one off time of life threatening crisis a corner may be cut, an exception made.   But if an out of line action, one without common courtesy becomes the norm, it very much underlines the character of the actor(s) involved.

In life it's never just about what you do,  it is also how.