Sunday, February 18, 2018

Sunday Sermon: Gun Control

Jim Jeffries: Gun Control Part 1

Now let me be perfectly clear, I don't agree with many of the things that Jim Jeffries says, but when it comes to Gun Control I think his pronouncements are spot on.

In fact I would hope that every family in America would be kind enough to watch the 2 You Tube videos I list here and then sit down with each other to discuss the points that are raised.

Jim Jeffries: Gun Control Part 2

The reason that this is important is of course painfully due to the latest mass shooting this time in Florida. Now is surely the time for all Americans to address the linkage between the mass availability of Assault Rifles within the United States and the occurrence of these atrocities.

In Europe most people are of the opinion that firearms have no place in the homes of civilised society, and that legitimate ownership should be restricted to Law enforcement officers on a need basis and with specialised training.

So let's review my request.
- If you live in North America
- Then watch both videos
- And Discuss with family and friends your need to own guns

How they got their Guns