Sunday, February 25, 2018

Sunday Sermon: An Effective Team


Subtitle:  Saturday Night / Sunday Morning  #HomeAutomation #TechIn

Marcus is providing the Network support. 

And Audio Support

We are both reading and learning

Agata is seen here Programming Python, whilst holding an ESP8266 and eating Ice Cream. 

Our mission overview

(that we shall explain in detail later) is to enable a Garmin Mobile device to talk via Bluetooth Smartphone intermediary to a Samsung Smarthings Hub, which talks to the 32 bit micro-controller ESP8266 and finally to Heatmiser neoHub Generation 2.   Because?  Because for  Home Automation in 2018, well the setup and configuration is anything but automated :-(

We are an effective team 

In a time and place not so far from here

Oblivion: Not an Effective Team

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