Thursday, February 15, 2018

Review: Line of Duty

Marcus hopes that he is not prone to exaggeration but I have just finished Series 3 of the 4 series British TV Police Drama.

Line of Duty

I literally want readers to stop watching any other drama immediately and track this down, right now! And why?

Because it is a sophisticated,  head scratching, exciting drama that has totally and utterly exceeded my expectations.

The actions centres around the AC-12  (Anti Corruption) Police Unit whose modus operandi is to investigate Police Corruption.

Here is the Wikipedia Page

In the US the series was first available via Hulu

In the UK it is available on DVD from Amazon

And it can also be streamed via the Amazon Video service which I think is more environmentally friendly   (no DVD media required).

To Marcus the series exemplifies that truly suspense filled drama does not need to be high budget.   The series was filmed in Birmingham and then Northern Ireland and we learn in detail about the lives of the Police Officers and their quest to fight organised Police corruption.

The series are interlinked, so yes watch Series 1 first etcetera.

I did notice that some muppet has uploaded some episdoes upto YouTube  but you have to be pretty desperate to want to watch it there, in awful resolution and breaking Copyright.


Line of Duty Series 1

Line of Duty Series 2

Line of Duty Series 3

Line of Duty Series 4

In Summary
Really thoughtful BBC British Drama at it's best.   Visual and extreme Cerebral stimulation guaranteed.   A must watch.