Thursday, February 22, 2018

Review: Helmetor

This is a positive review of the Helmetor Cycle helmet holder

Space is at a Premium

We are trying to adjust to our new home in England.   But we have had to make some severe compromises.  In fact space constraints are almost top of the list.

We don't anymore have a dedicated basement cave in which to store all our Sports equipment, so even saving a few cm's by attaching our Bicycle helmets to the wall instead of into a box is welcome.

What Helmetor is, is a single piece of plastic that you attach to a vertical surface using 2 self tapping wood screws. Then you can attach a Bicycle helmet onto the top U shaped bit.

The lower circular hole is to attach a locking wire, but at home we don't need to take these precautions (I hope!)

You can mount it the other way around too, it depends on how you want the helmet fixed.

Here is Agata's helmet installed.  She has it so that her cycling glasses can rest inside too

Here is Marcus' helmet installed.  I have mine flat vertical mainly because otherwise the lower part of the Helmetor pokes into that mesh between the holes.  And that would not be good.

Any Moans?
Well each Helmetor is 10GBP with free postage in England.  This is pretty expensive and this is why it has taken Marcus a few months to hum and ha about buying them.   But eventually I said yes.  Available from the manufacturer or via Amazon UK.

The End

So now if you look carefully to the right of my helmet and below the rucksacks is a simple re-purposed IKEA box.  It used to hold the helmets.  But no more!   It is now holding our LIFO Glove collection so we can exit more quickly for that Sports Activity.

We are slowly adjusting to life in England. Not without its compromises but we are getting there.

Helmetor official Site