Monday, February 12, 2018

Pssst: You want to know an Apple Secret?

David Bowie: Secret Life

In the news is the inevitable leaking of Apple's source code, 2016 genre, iOS 9 level. Having analysed reports from Motherboard and HackerNews  et al. it is thankfully is more of an embarrassment to Apple than a vulnerability.

Apple has the absolute right to protect its proprietary code, and I really support them.  If you don't like the way they conduct [their closed] business [model] then the best way IMHO is not to buy Apple. Period.

Just as a Test

You understand, purely as a challenge, since the GitHub source code link has been DMCA takendown,  I tried to find it on the Interwebs.

Yes, it took me about 90 seconds, but since I have not interest in the code I don't propose to take that further.

In 2018

The truth will out, and once out; the Genie can never be put back into the box.

To young people reading this I'd summarise it thus:  Be good for goodness sake, because from now until your dying day your smallest intentional indiscretion or unkind action can become public property ... forever.

Of course, Fake News is out there too.

We are even aware of senior Government officials in some Developed countries proclaiming any news he does not like as Fake News :-(

But in Deep Entangled Data I trust.  Meaning,  when a vast set of Interlocking and Related data / code is leaked, it very likely to be genuine.   This could be a Computer programme, or a well established pattern of Criminal Activity and wrongdoing.

In other words if a website like WikiLeaks puts a huge salvo of documentation online for access and scrutiny it is liable to be valid.

It is also why if I was interviewing a potential candidate for a job role, well if I could not effectively Google them, then just forget it.


This Apple leak also highlights the danger of acceding to some Government requests to provide backdoor decryption, to encrypted data, via a special key that only a Government has access to.  IMHO allowing such a scheme [fatally] comprises your end to end design,  and also lays us open to these special decryption keys being leaked.

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And Finally

Unrelated to the above, but whilst I think of David ...

David Bowie: Saying Hi

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