Wednesday, February 14, 2018

My Dear Valentine

The Right Signs
Here are ways to determine whether your partner on this Valentines day is merely a one, or perhaps the one.  

For the best effect, play all videos at one sitting.

00 Cuddling

You should be able to cuddle endlessly and be able to do so in public under the scrutiny of friends.

01 Great Sex

This is not a detail that your Parents or a Computer Algorithm can choose for you. If you went forward without testing this most essential compatibility, well the countdown clock is ticking, and not in a good way.

02 Not Lazy

Don't pick a lazy partner.  Even lazy people themselves recognise this.

03 Enjoying each others Company

If you end up thinking that you want to see a little less or considerably less of your partner, then something is seriously amiss.  Absence from each other should be a torture and something that you seek to minimise not extend. Else you are doing it wrong, very wrong.

04 The Same Sports

Marcus and Agata are of the view that Daily Exercise and Sport is fundamental to a long and healthy life.  So being able to do this together, well it tightens and deepens the bond.

05 Same Worldview

Ideally you will be sensible, clear thinking, Sceptics.  But if you have to believe in that Mumbo Jumbo, choose the same Religion, anything else would lead to daily disagreement, over, well everything.

06 Recognition of Strength

We cannot all be good at everything. Know who has authority over what in your relationship and respect it.    Agata may know how to mark up a DIY template,  but Marcus can configure that firewall :-)

07 Compatible Music

Imagine disagreeing on which concerts to attend, or what music to play in the Car or in the house.  Marcus and Agata listen to hours of music each day, and in a shared space, we enjoy it together.

08 Brainpower

It's not intelligence that counts, it's being similarly intelligent. Ignorant people do not enjoy the company of the Highly intelligent, and vice versa.  Choose carefully,  being balanced here is critically important.

09 The Long Term

You need to be in it together, for the long term, really forever.  If you start with the assumption that this relationship is not going to last, then it rarely will.

So then, did you score, and how did you score?


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