Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Happy Ending

Mika: Happy Ending

Subtitle: Remembering Switzerland

Marcus shed a little tear this morning whilst filing his December 2017 - January 2018 photographs.  I had a fabulous time in Switzerland this last Christmas 2017.  With the wonderful Agata and wonderful friends.

I honestly feel that when you have truly known misery a little bit of normality, and of love and kindness becomes that much more special. 

Thanks again ....

Man fighting Nature

Agata plays with Saffy

Marcus takes pleasure in fixing something

And setting up the Raspberry Pi powered security camera

Walks with Sandra

Marcus finds an old tractor

A celebration you are back at last meal

Kathy on the lake

Another hard day of exercise, for both of us

Our Lake looks good

Hello little ones

I'd know that Silhouette anywhere

The world's most expensive Avacados

Celebrating with Usain

More Ferraris than you could possibly imagine

Kitty Friendly town

I can't believe you did that again!

More celebrating

Living just next to the Lake and the Vineyards.  Doubly nice

The Charlie Chaplain visit

Running in our forest

Checking out our next Motor?

Contentment by the lake

Childcare, our speciality

Hello Ingird!

That Christmas feeling

Nice to see our kitties again.

Lausanne we do not forget you.

Mika: Hurts Remix