Friday, February 23, 2018

Doubling Down

Crystal Method: Double Down

Outside of North America using the phrase Doubling Down used to be almost a rarity.

For the origins of the everyday phrase I would start with the meaning in the game of Blackjack aka 21

In the game Doubling Down refers to the rule / gameplay whereby you may increase your initial bet in return for taking one more card only and then sticking.

Jump back to the non gaming world and the generally accepted Political Translation is

To defend an unpopular or possibly untenable political position by making an even more extreme resolution or position.  It is as if to say "you didn't listen to me the first time, now I am going to show you and force you into submission".

Doubling Down in the Political Sphere is often the hallmark of the Bully or Tyrant.  (NB replace with Visionary  if you are a Trump  fan)

And so, if we think of this as a very expensive Education lesson to all those outside of the USA, I think Donald Trumps reaction quoted above is a pretty fine example.

I personally gauge the situation to be entirely worse when I observe the cheat sheet of said President when speaking to victims.   Must remember to say   I hear you .  That paper says it all

But I never said that

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But then ...

To Conclude

Donald, if you are going to Double Down I think you should go all the way.  Stop pussy footing around.

I'm really not sure this is sufficient. Perhaps if they also armed all Students too, then the Good Students could shoot all the Bad Students. Oh, and obviously relax the Minimum Federal Age for Purchase and Carry.  To the Catholic Age of Reason perhaps? That should complete the picture.

Here's a poem entitled "America is a Gun".

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Age of Accountability is 13
Catholic Age of Reason is 7
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