Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Dear Samsung S8 Owners

This is a clear unambiguous message address directly to Samsung S8 owners.

IMHO: Under no circumstances should you put down real wonga and upgrade to the Samsung S9 phone

First: Some S9 droolary

And here are the reasons why

- It is far from perfect
- It is going to cost you 900GBP+ for the S9+ model
- They put the fingerprint sensor back somewhere sensible, you are not going to reward them for that right?
- It's almost visually identical to the S8 especially from the front
- Anandtech's initial CPU analysis does not look Good
- The flippin Apple iPhone X CPU still seems so much faster!
- That stupid Bixby has a dedicated button on the phone that you can't reprogram, what a waste!
- They kept the headphone jack :-(
- They include a pair of wired headphones ... a joke in 2018
- Glass back and front is a smudge magnet, thus you will normally case & hide its beauty
- Iris scanning wont match iPhone X
- No commitment to support Android P Q?

On the Plus Side
+ Having a Smartphone camera with 2 fixed Apertures (f1.5 & f2.4) .  Well bravo, a first (if we exclude oddities like the Panasonic CM1)
+ Photo App upgraded with object recognition and more
+ S8 trade in programme?
+ Gigabit LTE  (though no carrier broadcasts it!)

So to Summarise.
At the very least wait to see if the new dual aperture mode camera provides significant improvements or not.  Then, even if it does, and even if you have somebody who will give you a reasonable resale on your S8, can you justify the upgrade delta cost?  

Especially if it is your money, not your Parents money or your Companies money.

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