Thursday, February 08, 2018

Day 06 Club La Santa: Trail Runs, Accident, Abs, Relaxation, Packing

Today we invite you to investigate our last day at Club La Santa (CLS), this was Thursday, February 1st 2018.

Morning 8Km Off Road
Every morning an Instructor led running activity is available.  Marcus joined this morning 8Km off road run.  Whilst the location seemed familiar, getting back to CLS via the coast route was not so easy  (as we were shortly to discover below).    2 different running speeds of 5 and 6 minutes per Km were available so you can join the right group based on your ability or desire to push it first thing in the morning!

Agata makes a Trail Run
Using the Garmin website Agata was able to draw a route and download it to her Garmin 935 GPS watch so that we can make another test Trail run. 

We both took moderately loaded rucksacks (about 2Kg each) and this is a gentle preparation for a tough Ultra Trail Run we attempt in February 2018!

Las Vegas indeed!

Marcus Falls Over
99% my fault and 1% shoe fault. I fell over and injured both hands and scraped much skin.  Falling over on Volcanic Rock is not a good idea and due to photography I had taken off my gloves.  Doh!  Tip: Always keep on even thin gloves for trail running, if you have to navigate rocky surfaces, or prickly things, or in the worst case break a fall, it really reduces the damage.

Ultimate Abs Workout
Another Ultimate Abs session and totally different from the other day.   Great.


The weather this week has been 'awful', well this is the view of local staff we spoke to!  The Relaxation class normally open air but had to be moved inside due to showers.   Again, it was different to the previous Relaxation class.

It made a great wind down class to this 2018 stay at Club La Santa.   Agata, Marcus, Kathy, Jenny and baby Alana all participated together.  How appropriate.

Training Camps

We have previously attended a guided La Santa training camp, but not this time. Training Camps work like this.  An instructor, normally an Independent, comes to CLS for the duration, say a 1 week camp.   You pay them an additional fee for the tuition and they guide you through a week of structured training.  As an example, in a Triathlon Camp they might lead you out on all of the Running, Cycling and Swimming, being your personal team coach and motivator  for the duration.

At training camp end there is normally a dedicated race or feed into an existing one.  Example, previously we did an Ironman training camp and then did the public 70.3 IronMan at La Santa.

I thought I would screen shot the available classes for Thursday morning.  Just to show you how many they are!

So do you see.  We are 9 screenshots later and we are still at start time of 09.30!  I know, it is just friggin unbelievable.  Can you imagine how many classes are available every day.

If you can't exercise here, it is not the choice that is stopping you for sure.


For this last night we treated ourselves to a Restaurant meal.  The above and the more exclusive El Largo  mean that you never really need to leave the CLS complex for cooked food.

After dinner Agata and Marcus walked around and reflected on the truly wonderful holiday experience that this week at Club La Santa has provided.   Even with the 'awful weather' by local standards it has been mostly dry, and in the 14 degrees or higher temperature range.

There has been access to just an extraordinary range of sporting activities and because they are so local and easily bookable it is just so easy to participate.

I think Agata's melancholy look says it all.  We are asking ourselves how it is that the week has rushed by so quickly.  Why had we not saved up for a 2 week stay?   When can we come back again?


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