Wednesday, February 07, 2018

Day 05 Club La Santa: Wet Cycling, HIIT, Relax, 12Km Run, Babysitting

Today we review the exciting events from our Club La Santa holiday in Lanzarote for Wednesday January 31st 2018.

The summary situation is that whilst we are in Lanzarote, Canary Islands it can still tip it down with rain and that was our experience this Wednesday

No Sprint Triathlon for Us
We had both used the Smartphone Application to book us on the 07.45 Sprint Triathlon.  But after our awakening at 06.30 we cancelled!   Well because the revised plan was instead to do a 90 Km bike ride

Long Cycle is Planned
We set off on our long cycle but very quickly we had not just strong winds but heavy rain.

It Rained  & Rained

There are no photographs of the torture that was endured.  Why?  Because we were so wet that we thought the danger of getting out our dry cellphones for a quick picture was not to be entertained.

We managed a tolerable and route changed 63Km of cycling, down from the 90 or so planned.  In the process our thin and flimsy wind cheater jackets proved again and again that their water resistance was about zero.

In Lanzarote it seems that it can rain torrentially and for a period exceeding 30 minutes.  The first time this happened en route we stopped and cowered in a Bus shelter but after that we were not so lucky.

Even near the end of the cycle when the sun came out and nicely dried us,  then just 3Km before reaching our destination torrential rain found us again and totally soaked us.

We can but say that much time was spent in a very luxurious hot shower afterwards.  Delightful

HIIT Session
A High Intensity Workout session.   I was a little disturbed that all the other participants were Women and breathed a sigh of relief when the class started and confirmed it was really not a step class (which I would have dreaded, esp. after the cycling)

Relax and Unwind
Our second Relax class of the week.   Different Instructor and totally different format.  Great!

12Km Off Road Run

Due to the rain; the sandy course was surprisingly tricky.  Marcus and Agata have a part race in Sand coming up so this was useful training.

It was our pleasure to give Kathy and Jenny some time off and so Marcus and Agata stepped into Childcare mode this Wednesday evening.   I am pleased to report that a good time was had by all.


And so the end of another fabulous day at CLS.   Good company of friends, our choice of activities and at a pace that we want, healthy food.   It does not get much better than that.

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