Tuesday, February 06, 2018

Day 04 Club La Santa: Half Marathon, Ultimate Abs, Swimming, Slackline, Hill Run, Aerial Relaxation

Today we are revisiting the events from Tuesday Jan 30th 2018.  A truly busy day here at Club La Santa, Lanzarote.

We exercised, and socialised and laughed to the full. Marcus reflected that this is the sort of holiday it would have been nice to have as a child. Luckily there is a child in our party and in the future we hope they will remember what a wonderful childhood they have been given.

The Half Marathon

We booked and successfully ran a Half Marathon before breakfast!

Marcus' runners [slow] timing excuse this morning was that I had stopped for numerous team running photographs.  Still, this is in keeping with this being a holiday and well worth it.


Starting an activity early means that breakfast can follow.  But how many times can you say that you'll do breakfast after the marathon :-)

Ultimate Abs

Kathy and Marcus signed up for the Ultimate Abs class.  It was excellent.  Again the power of the group spurred me into participating.   Our instructor who was from the UK (Kate) was just excellent.

Some Swimming

It was again time for Swimming. I think Agata's face says it all. A 50 metre, heated pool. We like like like!

Marcus and Agata bought a Slackline whilst living in Switzerland but never had any formal tuition.  Today we learnt some magic secrets.  They are:

- Get up onto the line yourself
- Look forward, do not look at your toes
- Get your balance on one foot
- Your feet should point forward
- Most people find bare feet is easier
- Your legs should typically be bent, not straight and locked

4 adults tried and we all had various forms of progress.  It is coming along, we just need practise.

Evening Hill Run

With an instructor guide we set off towards Soo. I talked with Russ and Ultra Runner who told me of his Marathon de Sables and other experiences. Meanwhile a very fast runner left all of us (32m / 10Km runner) and we lost him. No literally; he went so far ahead and took a wrong turn and nobody could catch him to bring him back.

A good time was had by all (remaining!)

Aerial Relaxation

I reckon the staff at La Santa must draw lots to be able to teach this one.  It's just so cool

- You each get your own hammock

- The idea is to relax and chill in it and not ask the instructor any questions

- The instructor puts the music on, tells you a long relaxing story, and tries to make sure nobody falls out of their hammock

It was a great unwind session after the Hill Run


The end of Day 04 of our truly exercise packed holiday is complete. Yes, we are tired, but still very much smiling.

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