Monday, February 05, 2018

Day 03 Club La Santa: Duathlon, Swimming, Track Runs

Subtitle: Take it Easy!

Today we jump back to the events of Day 03 of our Club La Santa holiday in Lanzarote of Monday January 29th 2018.

Marcus has a mantra, the first time you try a sporting discipline take it very easy. And today it was Duathlon.

What is Duathlon?
Duathlon is like Triathlon (Swim, Bike, Run) but without that annoying swimming component.  Actually for both Marcus and Agata, swimming is our weakest discipline in Triathlon, so Duathlon would potentially suit us a lot better.

Also you don't get wet, unless it is raining!

Our Duathlon today was 2.5Km Run, 13Km Bike, 2.5Km Run.  Believe me, it was easy easy easy.

Race Plan: Take it Easy

- You may not know what you are doing
- Avoiding Injury
- Setting a Slow Time, than you can better next time.

Let's be clear, Marcus took it so easy, that at one point I did actually start walking :-)

Exhaustion Syndrome
We are also wary of Club La Santa ( CLS)  Exhaustion syndrome.  This is where you arrive.  Go flat our for the first days then have to stop for the remaining time as you are too exhausted.   Today is going to be chillin!

Swim Catchup

Club La Santa now has 2 pools and the new 50 metre pool, close to the apartment suites is heated. So after a lot of putting it off in this afternoon we felt obliged to try the pool.

We did not find any changing rooms, I think it accepted practise to walk to and from the pool changed and shower back in your apartment. We manged just short of 2Km, with our Finis underwater music players stopping the excess boredom kicking in.

Track Running

In the evening we headed out to the track to do some run training.   Having a nice flat and even track allow you to concentrate on running style.   In particular it was time to focus on more front foot  (as opposed to heel strike) running.

Front foot running as the name implies is when you run successive steps and as your foot touches the ground it does so say on the front ball not on the back heel. This is supposed to be more energy efficient but ...

- you mostly learn to run heel striking growing up

- you can't just switch overnight, without taking a trip to the hospital, your legs will not tolerate it
- you can change your shoes to flatter , less cushioned shoes, but you still need to transition to more front foot striking: slowly


Obviously we made ourselves known to the resident kitty community

We can report they were very friendly and if we ever come back for a 2 week or longer stay we might execute a lure the kitty into our Apartment plan.

Apartment Suites
As I reported earlier, for hire only   (no timeshare)  there is now the option of more spacious and luxurious accommodation at Club La Santa.

To be clear though, if you select a room with a view here compared to our choice for this week of a single, regular apartment, without view, the cost can be double!  For some this still represents a good deal and here is what you will be getting

Individual apartments with a ground floor or first floor situation.

A fancier bathroom and shower than ours.

The apartment we checked out had another toilet with shower  (so in this 1 bedroom apartment there were 2 toilets and 2 showers, perfect when you both come back for exercise, no shower queueing)

Considerably more spacious and elegant bedroom with built in storage

Lounge was more spacious but still used the rather clunky sofa.   But there was a large flat screen TV!

A decent view and balcony overlooking the Lagoon.

One last point,  suites benefit from a climate controlled air conditioning system.   Our entry level apartment by comparison had no obvious heating and in this week of rather cold weather was rather chilly.   In our apartment if any clothing item got wet due to rain the only way to dry it was to take it to the launderette and use the Industrial sized drier  (4 Euros).

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