Sunday, February 04, 2018

Day 02 Club La Santa: Cycling, Relax Unwind, Childcare, Track Running, Gym

Today we jump back to the events of Sunday, January 31st at Club La Santa Lanzarote.  We are on Day #2 and the emphasis today is Cycling however ...

Cycling in a Heavy Wind
Today the wind was ultra Strong again!  In fact the locals complained of the awful weather.  Well it was certainly challenging.

Our rather entry level bicycles did not have aero wheels so this ironically helped in the gusts and we had to angle the bicycle by several degrees sideways to counterbalance wind forces, whilst being mindful if the gusts subsided we'd need to reverse lean or else fall over.

Supermarket & Food

CLS has it's own supermarket with a great selection of Sports Food including our requirements of Lentils, tomato based sauces, Lactose Free and Oat based milks, oh and Coffee and Chocolate.

Whilst the supermarket does stock the local el Grifo wine that we raved about years ago this time Agata has completely stopped wine consumption for the duration of this holiday and upto our next race.  Unheard of!   This means that Marcus and Kathy were loyally trying to take up the slack :-)

If you have transport then your other options are to the local town of La Santa  (2Km) where there is a small supermarket, or 23Km to Supermarkets and Decathlon Lanzarote

Improved since our last visit there are now a room full of Washing machines and Industrial sized Driers.   We combined our washing together for the 5 of us to save money.  The washing machine and drier have very short programmes which is good.  Or you can pop next door to the Gym which is about 100 metres away and exercise whilst your clothes wash and dry.

Relax & Unwind

A 45 minute session of stretching and using a foam roller was just what we needed in the afternoon.


We are taking care of a boysterous 4 year old who favourite word is why?  Actually Alana is full of energy and getting to know us and behaving better.   We tried cycling, the Climbing frame and finished it off with some Slacklining.

More Sights
Today is Sunday and a chance for a walk around the complex too.    We found a children's play area.  Very handy.

Kathy is here and focusing in on her already great tennis skills.   Some of her fixtures have been cancelled due to the unusual intermittent rain, but as soon as it dries out she is back on court.

In the distance left you can see the new Apartment Suites that have been built.  They provide more luxurious and spacious accommodation.  We plan to visit before we leave to see first hand what you get for your extra money.  Is it worth it we wonder.

There is a decent volley ball court and it's near the discotheque.

Track Running

Whilst the 400 metre running track was about 90 seconds walk from our Apartment and open anytime, it is more motivating to take part in a guided lesson.

This evening an instructor gave us things to do, in this case 200 metre timed sprints, and since others were faster runners it was a nice Challenge to see if a) we could push ourselves to catch them b) they would slow down over time.

Marcus more Gym
After a brief nap, Marcus headed back to the Gym.  It makes me realise that you can exercise specific body parts that otherwise don't get action.  So nice to be back in a Gym, don't think I have been 120 seconds away from a Gym, perhaps since we last visited CLS all those years back!

Healthy Dinner again
Apart from Marcus' small wine consumption we are eating our Lentils and sauce for dinner without complaint.  With a day full of exercise the desire to binge on unhealthy foods has really receded.  Funny how that works eh!

So thanks for reading about our adventures for Day 02.  We had an absolutely fantastic time.

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