Saturday, February 03, 2018

Day 01 Club La Santa, Cycle, Talk, Run, Gym

Today we jump back to Saturday, January 27th 2018, our first full day at Club La Santa (CLS) in Lanzarote.

To remind you our plan is to do an intensive week or exercise, majoring in Running and Cycling, but also including other workouts like Gym, TRX,  Abs classes,  all the things that we never normally have specialist instruction in.

Agata Master Cycle Planner

There are big improvements to on site Bicycles at CLS.  They provide them free!  To explain further

- There are numerous guided Cycle events
- On Road and Off Road
- If you book one then you can turn up to the bicycle centre, say 15 minutes before and an appropriate road or mountain bike is provided for you - free.
- How amazing is that then :-)

Instead we chose to hire bicycles from ProBike, now renamed ProBici  who are located a walk or joggable 2Km from the CLS complex itself.    Use their website  for a full description of bikes and prices.  You can reckon at over 100 Euros per week per road bike.

Again? This time we got reasonable but not excellent service from ProBike and given that CLS now does free bicycles then the benefits of having your own bicycle are somewhat reduced.   There are benefits to having a full time bicycle and then you can choose ProBike or even CLS themselves since they have their own service.   For Marcus and Agata, we felt that the cost was not the best value, because we had rather average bikes, and we did not just cycle, so did not fully utilise our hires.

On the plus,  you can still stash your bikes in your apartment to keep them safe and dry, and your own bikes means you can just get clothed and go, making best use of your time.

The Wind!
Wind in and around Club La Santa can be severe.  Believe me cycling in a 40Km/h cross wind that is gusting is not for the inexperienced.

This was to be a week of severe wind and both during our Running competitions and our private cycling this was to be a really challenging something indeed.

If you are planning to book then lookup wind charts for Lanzarote so that you can see what you might be getting.

Because We Can
We review the Wellness talk below.  But first the principle.  Every day at Club La Santa you have the choice of over 50 activities to participate in.   You have to choose.  And why not choose something different, something you always wanted to try, or were curious in.

Since it's an inclusive price that you have paid   (some activities incur a charge but by exception),   you can just dabble.

Orientation Cycle
We made a first trivial cycle.  Except that with the wind included it was not so trivial.

Afternoon Wellness Talk
We had a great wellness talk from Sally Walker,  a pointer to some health and body fundamentals.   You know, the place and purpose to Carbo, Fats, Sugar, Vitamins, Minerals in your body.   Sally was also promoting more specialised and chargeable sessions where they analyse your body type and aspirations and see how they might be achieved.   I thought this was fair game, she does have to make a living.

A 10Km Challenge
Marcus and Agata's first race and in 40Km winds this was a pretty big challenge.   Marcus ran so hard on the 5Km loop that he was almost sick!   

It started from the stadium shown above and went down thte road towards La Santa turning around at a 2.5Km marked point.

A Bracelet

For a trivial 5 euros you can get a rubberised chipped bracelet.   They program this to your room so that you don't need to carry the plastic credit card sized room pass.    It's impossible to lose the bracelet and you can even swim with it.  And keep it safe for your next visit.  It's a winning idea.

The Gym

Marcus took time to visit the Gym.  So many machines and so little time.  Like all facilities it is onsite, so you can go at your own pace, and since it is inside then if the weather turns you can not only use the TechnoGym exercise machines but a variety of steppers and hill climbers.  There is also a Wattbike.

Dinner with Friends

We came to CLS with some of our closest friends Kathy and Jenny, and their child Alana.   This week was not just about the exercise, but a time for shared experiences, and that includes dinners, discussions and many smiling situations.

We asked and got our apartments next to one another so we can pop in anytime.   Whilst CLS do multi bedroom apartments we thought separates worked out better for privacy, and looking back on the week we think this is the right choice.   Also to remember, if you are booking and don't want the loud ceremony and disco sounds, then ask not to have an apartment around the main square!

So, it is an end to Day 01 of our La Santa holiday.  We hope we are not too sore or tired to continue exercising tomorrow, Sunday January 28th.

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