Friday, February 09, 2018

Club La Santa Summary 2018

Our week at Club La Santa (CLS) re-confirmed our belief in this world class training facility.  At the end of the week both Marcus and Agata were considerably fitter, leaner and in even better physical shape than before.


CLS' facilities have improved and refined since our stay of a few years back, the most notable being the Apartment Refurbishment.

No Camp

CLS caters to many levels of Athlete and to many disciplines of sport.    This time around we felt confident to self select Activities using the Smartphone Application rather than booking a specific Training Camp.


We did try out a number of activities outside our normal comfort zone but if we returned in the future for say a 2 week stay  (we are thinking!) then we might also sample Sports we know almost nothing about,  Mountain Biking for example.  And to do so with repeat instruction and using High End Hardware, something that's just not possible on most Adventure holidays.

I think if you had sufficient funds then I'd recommend

a) a 3 week+ stay
b) An Apartment Suite
c) Venturing into New Sports and Activities
d) Paced development (not a 1 week rush,, exhaustion)


The newly built Apartment Suites are really a lot more plush than the refurbished apartments around the main square.  Yes, but they can be double the cost!

And surely if you are out exercising most of the time, little is actually spent in the apartment right?  All true, but they are so much nicer!

What we feel is unique about Club La Santa is that it is remote, self contained and purpose built.

So from first principles, you could instead stay at home, and plan a week or 2 weeks of dedicated exercise.   But there would be distractions.

Not so at Club La Santa.  The complex purposefully isolated, but contains all the necessities like Laundry, Restaurants &  Supermarket to make it possible for you to stay put and not venture out for anything.

All the sporting facilities such as Gym, Track, Pools, Lagoon for Watersports are on site.  And now the new Bicycle Workshop onsite can set you up with a decent road bike or mountain bike for you to make a trek from CLS to the rest of the island and back.


CLS has a greater than 85% occupancy rate so they don't really have too much need for special offers.  Nevertheless it is worth checking the official website  for specials.

These discounts are on some of the more expensive accommodation so be warned!

Yes, we would 110% (footballer scale) recommend Club La Santa to any athlete wishing to improve their performance.

Yes, we would go back again in an instant if we had the funds

Yes, we would try some of the sports and activities that are outside of our current knowledge, it would be a superb place to learn

Again we encourage you to check the website here