Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Britain to enter New Ice Age

Subtitle: Overstatement Overstatement Overstatement

For those of you outside of the UK you will not have been subjected to the seemingly 24x7 coverage of

The Beast from the East

This is a cold weather spell where some parts of the UK will temporarily drop below 0 degrees C.

As you can see from the photograph above, taken at about 18.00 on Monday evening, it might be cold-ish at -1 degrees. But no snow and relatively clear skies.

In Switzerland

The only chance to experience snow on the roads was on the first day of Snow falling.  In fact within hours all major and most minor roads would be fully cleared of snow.

The whole country did not go into a panic, with wall to wall TV coverage of what it might go down to, and how you should perhaps stay at home, check on a neighbour, or raid the Supermarket to stock up on supplies.

I recall writing this in 2015 re Switzerland and Snow

Back to the UK

Telegraph: UK's worst winters

Met Office: Yellow Warning

Our Measures
Marcus and Agata are nothing if not prepared.

- Our main gambit is that we have Winter Tyres on our Audi 4 wheel drive car.  Winter tyres are seemingly unknown to about 99% of the UK population.  More fool them

- We have standby backup e-Bikes ready and charged that can we feel cope with mud and snow.

- Marcus recalls that in Switzerland he used to run the 20Km to work, in even deep Snow, oh and then back again.  Our nearest Supermarket, Waitrose is less than 5Km away.   I think we are safe for emergency supplies. Using Leg Power only.

- In the even of local Power failure we have a motorhome, equipped with Gas Heating and Cooking, and bottled water.

We intend to spend the coming week laughing at the BBC and Independent channels attempts to big up weather that would not even register as 'a cold day' in many European countries like Germany, Belgium or Switzerland.   

And in the Movies

It might even be time to watch a few movies, ones with ** real snow ** thank you.

Day After Tomorrow: Freeze