Thursday, February 01, 2018

Anker Sound Core 2

Some Electronics markets are overcrowded and overly competitive.  And the portable USB speaker is one of them.  There are literally thousands of products to choose from, with bzillions of reviews.

So all I can say is that unless you have money to burn and/ or a brand snob you have little reason to pay a huge sum for your portable USB speaker.

Anker Brand
We have several Anker products and what we like about them is

- We never received a faulty product yet

- Pricing is decent and deliverable via Amazon suppliers

- Functionally good and value for money excellent

It's a sort of why pay more syndrome

Feel Good Factor Packaging
 Not everybody else is doing it yet, but Anker has followed the innovators Apple in producing thoughtful and appropriate packaging.

Anker is not in the Apple Price bracket so their packaging is simple and to the point.  But beautifully aranged inside and the products often come in a wonderfully thin and slippery plastic bag, that exudes sophistication.

Now you might think all that is balderdash, but trust me it even works on Marcus and I know what they are upto!


- 24 hours battery life, rechargeable via micro USB jack
- 320 grams weight
- Soundcore 2 is current model, buy this over the original, more features including waterproofing and the mic
- Bluetooth 4.2 connection and Audio Jack
- Loud enough to have neighbours banging on the wall
- Solid square design, no case required
- IPX5 water resistance
- Microphone so it can be used as a speakerphone
- Can connect to 2 Bluetooth sources concurrently
- Product Manual
- CNET video and if this teaches you one thing it is that you would be batshit crazy to buy the Apple Homepod (200 GBP+) speaker instead

- On Amazon here  we paid less than 40 GBP.  Just bonkers value considering what you are getting

Thanks Anker, a fairly priced, high function, very loud product.