Monday, January 08, 2018

Travelling, Workstacks and Invention

This is a philosophical and mostly holding post because Marcus ad Agata are again travelling.

To those in the know you will realise from the image that we are now back in the UK (or is it Poland?)   2 countries where TESCO finest products are sold in volume [by Tesco].

We actually bought the cheese to ease our brains and stomachs into again not living in Switzerland, where as a previous post indicated we have been on an extended trip, back to the region that has previously been our home for over 15 years.

Non Linear Invention

Whilst travelling, Internet connection in hand (of course)  I've been keeping up with my various Internet Subscriptions, including Newsfeeds and Forum posts.

Udo Munk: Coherent 4.0 Installation

As I watched the video it occurred to me that Udo is using the pcem-emulator product

That seems to emulate a PC with a Linux or Windows (or Mac? shown) environment.

That could be useful since 8bit and 16bit mode PC's are getting old and unreliable now.

I firmly believe that emulation is the only sure way to encapsulate these past Computer Treasures, at the software level at least, because the Hardware become scarse, then unreliable, then difficult, then impossible to maintain and repair.

Learning Points

When you start out in a field of expertise you are just learning from those skilled around you, in fact all you need is a structured class.

But one day you will hopefully reach knowledgeable or expert or master status in your chosen field of endeavour.  This does take patience, and hard work.  But when I saw this I remarked to myself all of:

+ That looks interesting.  I will add it to the investigation work stack
+ I've seen products like this before, but not this one
+ I'm big enough and experienced enough to say that I don't know about it [at all].  I shall not pretend to know about this emulator to save myself embarrassment  (should it be super well known).   
+ I'm hopefully experienced enough to look at this emulator and suss things out if the documentation is lacking
+ I also remember and have been a user of the Coherent, a UNIX like Operating system for some years,  I actually bought more than one release of the product, back in the day.
+ You can look at Wikipedia here  MWC Coherent

To Marcus the main learning point is:

You can try and indeed should structure your learning in a chosen field, e.g Information Technology,  but often learning and life breakthroughs come from sheer persistence and a series of at the time unconnected  or vaguely connected meetings, research and study.

My work with and interest in CP/M let me to Udo's work, which has led me to Coherent, and now to pcem-emulator  and this may turn out to be very useful. 

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