Saturday, January 06, 2018

The Lutry Switzerland Experiment

For the last days, or weeks or was it months, it is difficult to say,  Marcus and Agata have been experiencing life in Lutry Switzerland.

Let me quickly say that regretfully the positive words  expressed below were not exchanged for any financial or other benefit from the Lutry Commune, Swiss Tourist Board, or any Vaud  or Swiss official body.

Management Summary

Living in Lutry will give you all of the benefits of

+ Fabulous Lakeside views
+ Next to the Vineyards
+ Temperate Warm Microclimate
+ High dry days per month 
+ Close to the Pully 50m outside heated swimming pool
+ Close to the Motorway towards Geneva in the West and multiple Ski resorts to the East , less than 1 hour in either direction
+ Posh Ferrari and Audi Garages
+ 1Gb Fibre Broadband Available
+ 4G Phone Internet is > 60 Mbps
+ Lots of Old smiling people
+ Fantastic Road quality, ideal for Cycling
+ Lutry to Vevey is a classic road Cycle training loop
+ Low on Graffiti
+ A selection of absolutely stunning properties including Ultra Modern, Lake View, Concrete and Glass
+ Quaint Cobbled streets
+ A port for your marine equipment
+ Bijou Restaurants and shops
+ A decent Coop Supermarket
+ Dog Friendly Parks
+ Cat friendly
+ On the main trainline to Geneva airport West or East to Mountains
+ On the trainline West to Lausanne in minutes or also minutes via the bus 
+ 10 minute drive to the Port of Ouchy where there is a ferry over to Evian France

It's sort of a top place to live.

I have some evidential photographs.  So here we go

The Smallprint
All of this niceness has its price.   Even an apartment will set you back a 6 figure sum in CHF   ( 1 GBP == 1.3 CHF).  The fanciest property we saw during our period here was a jaw dropping 8,000,000 CHF.   (Over 6M GBP)

And don't forget that every year residents must pay a tax on your [Global] assets even if you have 0 income.  See this and this.  This could be literally tens of thousands of CHF  (i.e. over 10,000 GBP every year).

To Summarise
Lutry, Zip code 1095, Switzerland is one of the truly nicest places to live in Switzerland or perhaps even worldwide.  For those who have the finances, and the patience to find their perfect property, recommended.

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