Friday, January 12, 2018

Tesco, We Like

This is mostly a fanboy article about the British Supermarket chain Tesco.   But First

M&S Withdraws

M&S i.e. Marks and Spencer is an iconic Clothing and Food store that operates not just in the UK, or well it used to

In Poland Agata and Marcus have a thing about visiting M&S to buy food because it used to be the only place to get things like Christmas Pudding, or Earl Grey Tea.

Imagine our surprise recently when we tried to check the opening hours of the local store in Warsaw. Permanently Closed!

It transpired it is part of a larger plan of economy 

Tesco to the Rescue
Despondently we headed off to Tesco (Warsaw) instead.  Imagine our delight ....

 Decent Pasta

 International Chocolate

 Difficult to obtain British items including Marmite

 Our expected Swiss Chocolate

 Decent Swiss and French Cheeses

Shampoo we like

In fact, it was almost like Tesco has taken our UK shopping list and transported the goods we like most to our local Warsaw store.   No surely, even they cannot be that good!

In the UK
Marcus firmly believes that UK retail is the best in the world.  Even a moderately crappy UK retailer is light years ahead of any Swiss Food Supermarket for example.  And in the UK to our minds Tesco gives you a mix of either their own brand (economy) or regular branded products at weekly shop prices that significantly undercut other UK supermarkets.

And again any UK supermarket will look good against some countries, I use Switzerland again as the reference most awfully expensive, limited choice, zero service reference.

But Tesco
But Tesco has some significant plusses

+ In the UK they sell not just food but clothes and some electronics
+ Mobile Phone handsets and SIM contracts
+ Home delivery obviously
+ Full facilities like Deli Counters

++ And it seems now shops, well whole chains of shops, say in Poland, stocking not just local Polish brands, but Tesco Finest, and International Brands.

Tesco For Us
After being back in the UK now for over 6 months we really find Tesco to be the best balance of products vs price.  We are happy to recommend them here in the UK and especially in Poland!

Tesco Mobile

Tesco record Christmas 2017
Tesco takes the Crown