Sunday, January 21, 2018

Sunday Shutdown

Yung Fume: It's a Shutdown

Whilst researching some appropriate music to headline the Government Shutdown just enacted in the United States I found the above.

In fact the ugly music and juvenille lyrics seem quite ghastly and therefore most appropriate in the circumstances.

Spend Spend
It's my understanding the Republican Trump administration is using classic, rather left wing type Spend Spend Spend,  Print Print Print financial policy.  Trump wants to cut taxes  (i.e. Government Revenue),   build large Public Works e.g. a Wall  (increase Government Spending)  and so widen the gap between money coming in and money going out.

This is classic economic theory and it all works out splendidly if people start to beleve the hype and start Spending and Producing more,  oh and at the same time if the consuming can be non domestic, assuming your goods are competitive in the World marketplace, then this assists further.

Blame Who?
Donald Trump gave this advice on the previous shutdown.

Fox News commentator: "Who's going to take the blame Donald? Boardroom here—who's getting fired? Who is bearing the brunt of the responsibility, if indeed there is a shutdown of our government?"

Donald Trump: "Well, if you say who gets fired it always has to be the top.

I mean, problems start from the top and they have to get solved from the top and the President is the leader and he's got to get everybody in a room and he's gotta lead...

You know the interesting thing is in, uhh, 25 years, in 50 years, in a 100 years from now, when the government, you know, they talk about the government shutdown, they're gonna be talking about the President of the United States.

Who was the President at that time?

They're not gonna be talking about who the head of the House was, the head of the Senate, who's running things in Washington...

So, I really think the pressure is on the President."

What is the Shutdown?
Wikipedia is a good place to start here

A  Google Search is here

What actually happens

A Year Already
The shutdown coincides with a year of the Trump administration

I'd encourage everyone that can,  to watch the BBC Panorama program called

Trump Voters: One Year On

Donald Trump has changed the face of American politics, but what do the people who voted for him make of his tumultuous first year in office? Filmed over a year in Michigan, Wyoming, Texas and Florida, this programme hears from Trump supporters who hoped that he would 'make America great again'. But with so much promised, Panorama asks whether his supporters are still happy and if they would vote for him again

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On the Internet

If you ask me to choose I always side with Rationality, Intelligence and  Wit.      Narcissists, Nazis, Bullies and Racists need not apply.

And finally, don't forget in the coming week Donald Trump comes to the World Economic Forum in Davos Switzerland.