Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Review: Montane Minimus Smock

Trust me  140 grams is light for any Anorak.  But believe me this is a review of the Montane Minimus Smock.  And it has some additional features.

But Why?
A ski jacket with insulation could easily weigh 500 grams and even a regular shell jacket would normally weigh 300 grams.  I invite the reader to go to their kitchen scales immediately and weigh your own jacket!

During the course of a day depending on your level of hydration and before or after a meal your weight can vary by at least 500 grams.   So justifying the purchase of a say 300 gram lighter jacket, in daily life, is difficult on purely saved weight grounds

But in 2018 Marcus and Agata will attempt some more severe Athletic challenges. And there, on an endurance race, every gram counts.


- Not only is this jacket 140 grams, in size small

- It is waterproof to 20,000mm rating

- It has taped seams

- It has a half zip only, less weight and less things to go wrong

- Large zippable pocket on front

- There is a waterproof hood too (yes and still just 140 grams)

In Pictures

It did not come with a stuff sack, but believe me this jacket folded is only just a few centimetres long.

I've tested the jacket in rain but not yet sustained torrential rain.  Let's just hope that is the way it stays.

The Minimum Smock is a fine jacket for any Ultra Marathon runner and it costs about 120GBP mail order with a list of 150GBP.   Available via Amazon or from the Manufacturer direct