Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Not the end of the iPhone X

I can't quite believe it but on first glance this is an article about Marcus supporting Apple, something I rarely do.

However this week has seen some ridiculous headlines.

Irritable News Syndrome
I do have some wiggle room in my brain for Speculative News stories, but rather like the WMD Weapons of Mass Destruction fiasco,  from one new report can generate a torrent of speculation, inaccuracy and stupidity

It's mostly a case of Tech Journalists trying to get a Click but these articles are known to be >99% stupid.

In this instance I am referring to a torrent of articles whose titles might proclaim the cancellation of the Apple iPhone X. Like this:

A Message to Apple
Apparently iPhone X sales have been a little slow.  No Shit Sherlock, have you seen the price?

I have this brilliant and infallible way to make the iPhone X your best ever selling phone.  Drop the price from 999 GBP (64GB) model to a maximum of 600 GBP.

- You will still make a profit
- And you can even simplify manufacturing and stop selling and manufacturing the iPhone 8

iPhone X the good Bits
Bearing in mind that I loathe Apple's high and mighty attitude, their closed environment and their constant desire to make their products not only different, but unserviceable and incompatible from Industry standards whenever they can.

Well I can give Apple credit for

Their FaceID technology.

It is certainly interesting, though personally I find the current fingerprint readers, especially with back location, superior in concept to any front sensor based system.  But maybe there is some argument to made for FaceID.  Certainly its a lot superior to just using a regular Front Camera which is what the competition proposes

Form Factor
It's certainly beautiful to the eye and to the hand.  One can argue if this is at a cost to serviceability, but the former is still valid.

I continue to be amazed at how Apple's CPU designs remain competitive in a marketplace in which it has less than a 20% Worldwide presence.

No test I have ever seen has called found any major defect with the camera, compare this to other flagships like Essential phone or Google Pixel 2, they all had their hiccoughs

So Please
Technical Journalists stop taking the piss.    Meanwhile I leave you with these sad songs, just to further hype the cancellation mood :-)

George and Michael: Don't let the Sun

Faithless: One Step

Spice Girls: Goodbye