Saturday, January 20, 2018

Late CES 2018 Report

You may recall that Marcus and Agata spent New Year 2017 running in California and then attending CES.  Our 2017 reports start here

For 2018 we resorted to being armchair attendees and this is our considered summary.  In the articles below, well click on the links for further details whenever I could find it.


DJI Osmo Mobile 2

For anybody and everybody wanting to shoot a stabilised video your time has finally arrived.  At the <150 USD price point, simply buy one now.  I mean everybody!

Razer Project Linda

Adds a screen and keyboard to your Razer Phone.  Assuming it is ever released then lets hope all future Razer phones are the same size or smaller so as to fit into the dock!  (Linus review here)

New Dell XPS15 and Spectre X360

Verge review here

New even more powerful 15" laptops with very thin bezels. 

QNAP Storage

QNAP promised an IoT server last year but I never saw it so I was a little lukewarm about something similar in 2018  Meanwhile the new Be range of NAS assuming lowered pricing does look exciting.  It's a pity there are only 2 and 4 bay models.  If they had a 6 or 8 bay Be model at a friendly price then this would literally outrank all others.

Gigabyte X470 Motherboard

Boards to support AMD's second generation Ryzen CPU, as yet unannounced are starting to appear.  Ryzen has pushed Intel into action as AMD's price performance stole a march on Intels' traditional (and rather slow) upgrade cycle.

Aggregate M2 SSD

Rather than talk about Kingston 6TB Enterprise SSD  which I don't find  interesting due to the U.2 interface I'd rather promote the AsRock Ultra Quad M.2 Card.

So for about 2K GBP plus the cost of this card (surely not much) you could have a 4TB,  8GByte/second Disk array.

At CES Asrock did not declare wither the PCIe x 16 needs to be split into x4 on the card or by the Motherboard.   I'd assume the latter so you need to check the BIOS to see whether this is supported on your system.

Synaptics Under Screen

Until I have no choice I will currently prefer to own a smartphone with a fingerprint sensor on the back, since 99% of the time I get my phone out and naturally put my finger on the back to unlock the phone.  A sensor on the front under the class would be bloody irritating for me.

LG Rollable TV
Interesting future technology demo.

Yamaha Balancing Motorbike MOTOROiD

Byton Concept EV

Don't get too excited.  Concept Promises and features proclaimed at any event may not be feasible or possible at retail pricing :-)


Some secrets about drones:  Electric drones will never be able to carry any significantly heavy package over any distance.  Battery Technology, the Laws of Gravity and simple Maths can prove that.

But on the plus side, once you've tried a modern generation Drone it is easy to become hooked.  There is downward price movement over time but still you need to pay about 800 GBP or thereabout for the Drone, Controller, Batteries, Case etc.  Way above impulse buy territory IMHO.

I'd check Lok's DJI Spark video if you want to take the plunge and buy something not too expensive today.

Marcus and Agata would love a drone that can do a 2 hour follow me run, at HD or above resolution, with Smartphone control, and that fits into a small rucksack and is less than 2Kg, for less than 500 GBP.  Anybody?  No because we are nowhere close to that  (DJI Spark battery is 16 minutes)

Drone Rush: Best Drones CES

Expensiveo / Useless
Every large manufacturer needs a High End flagship that points the way forward.   Just that today's high end Speakers, Headphones, Televisions and Cars remind Marcus of how impoverished I seem to be!  Who exactly buys a 3000+ USD pair of headphones?  Or a 100K+ USD Televison.

Big expensive TV's

I so don't care about expensive high end TV's mostly because new standards and incompatibilities keep appearing in the TV space meaning your 2018 purchase may be invalidated in just one year.   (At home our Samsung 2017 TV does not support the right HDR for BBC transmissions, I am a personal victim already, and not just the first time.  Remember 3D?)


Since CES is about Consumer Electronics then I find none of the Robots displayed are really fit for consumer purpose except as a novelty.  Still eventually we will get there, but I'd give it another 20 years at least.  

In the longer term Sophia looks more interesting.

The Power Outage

On Wednesday North and Central Halls experienced a Power Outage.   Nobody went crazy, it was not terrorism and it was reported sanely.

Far Out

Hyperloop 1 test

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