Friday, January 26, 2018


Hey Siri, How Much!!!!

I know, you just spent 1170 GBP  (1631 USD) on an Iphone X Smartphone and a fast charger; but somehow your wallet is not empty and you want more.

You need more.

You have watched the film

For a gob-smacking 319 GBP today you too can order and then soon receive an Apple HomePod.

But wait, don't buy two of them because the Stereo support is not implemented yet, so for your money you can only have Mono et Mono :-)

Here is the CNET review

Brian Tong (CNET Apple Fanboy) information

And Finally
In 2018 Apple has a nice new Apple Mac Pro to sell you too but in the interim please contact me,  I have some Magic Beans that I am convinced you will find most interesting.

Pink Floyd : Money (at Earls Court)