Tuesday, January 02, 2018

In Like with Encryption and Ideas

Sad Foreward
Ironically this is a Public message about a Private matter.  Symmetrically so because whilst many Public people will read, appreciate & may even act on this message, the intended private recipients will never bother

The Challenge

Recently I've been asked multiple times whether I can tutor Complex Mathematics.

And I have explained that:

- I've forgotten most complex Maths :
- University Level Mathematics can be very intense and extremely uninteresting (to me)
- What is interesting to me are Ideas
- And doubly interesting are Ideas combined with Simpler Mathematics, and I find one natural home to be


Our Complex World
Undermining and contradicting all those Management "Keep it simple Stupid" presentations is that every aspect of our lives is drenched in, is saturated in,  complex Cryptography.

Public Private Key Cryptography is absolutely central to all forms of secure Internet traffic, and because it is based on simple Ideas it is extremely simple to understand Conceptually. And whilst the Mathematical proofs may be complicated the Implementation code is only medium complex IMHO. So to code total solutions it does get "Bloody Complicated" but you can break down the complexity into smaller less complex parcels for final mind blowing final assembly.

Say Yes to Understanding Encryption

So it is a firm Yes to talking or understanding or teaching Encryption.  And a big fat no to talking Partial Differential Equations or other complicated (to Marcus) mathematical techniques that I will now safely leave to others

Get me Started Santa

Can I get you hooked in just 4 videos? Okay I shall try

01 Public Key Cryptography

02 End to End Encryption

03 Diffie-Hellman Key Exchange

04 Key Exchange Problems

Do What I say, not what I Did

Marcus' tortured past includes much time spent in Engineering and Academia. At the same time as that, studying much more interesting classes like Encryption. In today's world; whilst the disciplines of Engineering and Computer Science are, more than ever, critical to solving real world problems, for me, if I had to study but one discipline, (and thus have free time to get a life) I would recommend the latter.