Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Farewell to the Cloud

James Blunt: Goodbye My Lover

Marcus always quotes the famous case when whilst testing out Cloud Backup providers, I uploaded  (yes, not downloaded) over 7000GB, I mean 7TB,  or >  7,000,000 MB  upto a Cloud server in 48 hours.

That was when I had an almost infinitely fast, bidirectional Internet Connection and an Unlimited Cloud Storage Plan.  Unfortunately things have changed in 2018

The End of Unlimited

What was a great deal from Amazon

 And now they cancelled

Based on my current Amazon unlimited storage Plan Amazon has told me they can renew my contract with them for 1600 GBP.

Now given that the current plan costs about 40 GBP per year, can you imagine what my response is going to be?

iDrive, CrashPlan already and now Amazon are stopping unlimited Cloud Storage Plans and that's bad news for the enthusiasts who use them as a secure and sensibly priced cloud storage medium.

The End of Unmetered
Marcus and Agata are currently surviving in England on a Metered Internet connection.  All traffic i.e. uploads and downloads are counted and we are paying  0.3 GBP per GB initial, with a topup of 10 GBP per GB if we exceed our small quota.

I commented on January 10th that it's possible to blow the quota in less than 12 hours if I leave the Webserver on unrestricted.  7TB would cost us a staggering 70,000 and I do mean seventy thousand pounds.  That would be an expensive 2 days right?

So we not only have to be careful, but radically change the way we use the Internet until such time as our Fibre lines is installed or we leave.

Deletion Heartbreak

I have deleted ALL my Amazon cloud storage.  It took seconds :-(

Three sorry messages when there are no computers syncing, no photos or files stored on your Google Drive.

(Initial Data Load)
The thing that really stings, when you stop or change Cloud Providers is Initial Data Load.   Most of us have bulk data but only a small percentage changes on a daily basis.

Therefore once loaded, and we loaded multiple TB of data into the cloud, then the day to day delta of changes could just about  be managed over a pathetic slow Copper Line or 4G.

However, now having deleted over 20 TB of Cloud from Amazon and my other Cloud providers,  not having any sort of strong Internet connection even if Unlimited Cloud providers were to re-offer I could not push the Initial Data

Note: Some Cloud providers like iDrive have the ability to send them a Data Disk for initial Data Load, but this was only available in the US previously , not sure about today in the UK in 2018.

(Destroying Something Beautiful)
Marcus worked hard to construct a multi Cloud solution that was economically priced, stored across multi Vendors  (Microsoft, Amazon, Google, DropBox), was secure  (sensitive files encrypted),   web and local accessible where it made sense, and practical and efficient to backup to and restore from.

When you hand craft a solution, then incrementally improve and tweak it, then get it working just right:  Well, pulling it apart and destroying it.  That hurts.

This was not a random Cloud Based cluttered dataset.  It was Structured,  beautifully Organised.   Oh, all that time is now lost. And crucially our Cloud Backup protection lost.   It hurts.

The Immediate Future

- Scaling back to practically zero for Cloud Storage

- This includes Google Photos and Dropbox.  They all have to go.  It is quite heartbreaking

- Reliance on Local backup and manual offsite-ing.   This can't be as convenient, or as uptodate as Cloud,  but it can work.

Cloud Storage: I Miss You