Sunday, January 14, 2018

An End to Christmas 2017

Marcus just has to admit that Christmas finally is over.   After Googling I confirmed that the traditional 12 days of Christmas  will take us until January 5th inclusive and this is being published on January 14th, so even allowing a little margin or error :-)  yes over.

 Marcus and Agata had a traditional secular Christmas.  It included the traditional elements for us

- Visiting a place / region that is home or special to us

- Catching up on Friends that we have missed

- A Holiday atmosphere

- Lots of Snow and Snow related exercises

- A chance to take stock of life in general

- Ending the year on a high

 Human Nature
I think people thrive when their lives have structure, and a civilised and controlled run up and enjoyment of the Christmas season is part of Western Society and life.

Of course Marcus would argue that it can still be a valid seasonal high, i.e. a landmark on ones calendar whether you support, love the Christian faith, are of another faith, or a secular person.

We all need targets in our yearly calendar to aim for and let me say that the vast majority of people in countries that we know, these being England and Switzerland have absolutely no, I mean zero real association with a Christian Chrismas.

When people view the nativity scene they think of how beautifully arranged it is, or how quaint it is.   They unfortunately don't begin to read the bible or study and eventually question the validity, likely-hood or consistency of the texts that they have cherrypicked since a child, and then mostly forgotten.

With that said, it is goodbye to Christmas, and taking nothing for granted we can only say that we hope to make it to Christmas 2018.