Sunday, December 31, 2017

2017: Did I Have a Dream

To talk to the graphic, the catastrophic events of the year 2017 have had Marcus contemplating that maybe, just maybe it was all just a horrible dream.

Like the famous plot rewind in Dallas, where Bobby died, and then did not really die,   I am looking for a rewind of 2017, namely of 2 cataclysmic events

01 The Trump Election

02 The Brexit verdict

Both  I feel that will be viewed as 2 of the most pivotal and disastrous democratic decisions of our modern time.

Not All About Me
Part of becoming a mature thinking Human Being normally includes realising that just looking out for what is good for you   (to the detriment of others) is a short sighted and shitty strategy to live your life by.

So Marcus would say, sure, I make my comments on Trump and Brexit not principally on how it will affect Marcus and Agata,  but mostly on the overall negative consequences I believe it will have on others.

If I was just thinking of myself then here is a Happy Clappy video that could state our personal position (we R holding up)

Sia: Santa


And the worst of it is, those who I have known personally who have contributed to both decisions are 100% still convinced it was the right thing (for them) to do.

One can spin talk to /2018 must surely be better/, but why exactly?  Do tell me.  As far as I can see the muppets are just getting started.

If only we could really leave this planet and come back later, a lot later ...

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