Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Warsaw Motor Show 2017

I'm going to be honest:  Warsaw Motor show is the only single Auto event where I was handed a copy of Playboy Magazine,  I visited the Dethleffs Motorhome Stand, almost broke my ears and saw over 50 classic and Vintage cars.

To summarise right now, Warsaw was a car show like no other we have ever attended.  Do read on:

Current Cars

A relatively small number of manufacturers attended, including names like Audi, Volkswagen, Kia

But strangely all major manufacturers exhibited medium to large cars only.   Marcus and Agata are shopping for a new small and economical car, we found nothing to see here.  I repeat nothing!

Volkswagen announced their T-Roc and the most exciting thing was the dancing.  I captured one minute here ...


The current generation Audi TT RS was on display.  They are doing (in the UK anyway) an uber expensive one with some specialist add ons.

The price here in Poland is so high  (like 90k GBP) I rather hope that this is the expensive RS not the regular car, because it's about twice the price I was expecting.

Many G wagons.  If you are an evil dictator or just generally evil, a customised G Wagon is sort of a requirement I understand.

Fast and Understated.  We like

Yes, who let the Chavs in?  Honda were presenting their very capable  (did you read EVO?) Civic Type R.  It's going to go down well in certain parts of Poland, those parts where the more ridiculous your car looks the better the driver (mistakenly) thinks he is driving something cool.

Chatenet were on display with their attractive car we first saw in the South of France.   Unfortunately it is powered by an Engine that a Citroen 2CV can outrun which explains why you only need to be 14 to drive it.

A 14 year old might even be able to outrun it!


Not many big brand manufacturers were spotted.  For example tuned Bentley specialists were on display but not Bentley or Rolls Royce themselves

Specialist Tuners
In this category we find wealthy people don't just buy an expensive car but usually have something very visual changed to make it stand out.   Personally this is the antithesis of what I would do, but freedom of choice etc.  And so I bring you

Classic Cars
So many classic cars.  And Vintage cars. We found out that the Warsaw museum was present, that probably explained it.  What an absolute treat for Marcus!   (see link at bottom of article for full Photo album)

Tuned and Lowered
It is fun to look at these cars and just think about how the poor owners can
a) drive the cars on the streets with speed bumps
b) get Insurance
c) fight off constant attention
d) Pay the huge conversion and running costs

So respect is due, but I don't think I'll ever go there

In Germany, In America
BMW and Mustang enthusiast clubs were very well represented.  I have honestly never seen so many Stangs together outside of North America


This is not what the Fast and Furious franchise sold to me.   There was a user populated Audio-off or at least something where real users pulled up with cars containing enormous speakers and sound systems and made measurements to see who was the loudest. 

After all that noise and exhaust fumes Agata instructed me to take some photos of women, just to even out the pictures.

I was however deeply confused and not pleased to find the Playboy stand and even a free copy of the magazine.  Are we living in the 1980's Warsaw!!  Not amused.

So many other exciting curious.  You had to be there.

Can we take Marcus back in time to make him youthful again?

All in All,  Marcus and Agata had a wonderful time.  Much more than a regular Motor Show there was something here for Auto enthusiasts of many different persuasions.

We put the full photo Album at original resolution here


Enjoy :-)

Monday, October 30, 2017

Smartphones We Salute You

My Android phone, like most other people's is just frikkin incredible.

[Note: Other Smartphone Operating Systems are available]

Whilst impatiently waiting for a takeoff I Screenshot the following quite amazing features from my Huawei P9 Plus Smartphone.  It is only running Android 7.0, and furthermore may never get to Android 8.x Oreo  (grr no thanks Huawei), but still.

Choose what to display on your phone screen when not in use

Track your Mobile Data Usage over time

 Figure out which Mobile App uses what Data

 Regulate Types of Internet access to each Application

Change the screen colour so it does not keep you awake

 How are notifications displayed

 Per application change exactly how an application notifies you

 Improve the User experience

 Schedule a power on

 What to do when you pickup your phone

 Split screen Mode

 More ways to Screenshot or take a partial

React when a call comes in and you turn your phone over

Check what applications are running

Per Application check and if necessary Stop background services

 Regulate what happens when you plug your phone into a USB connection

 Change Active Applications

 Enforce extra security

Program Battery saving behaviours at low Battery percentage

 Analyse what you can do to save Power

Enable Near Field Communication, and not just for Payments

Tether your phone in many different ways.

Now all these amazing facilities come to you on devices costing mere hundreds not nearly a thousand dollars/pounds/Euros.   Although for a flagship phone these features and some extra hardware will be a little more polished  (or you would really hope so, right!)

Android Smartphones we salute you.