Friday, August 11, 2017

The power of Kim Jong-un

You would be hard pressed not to know the rants and ramblings of either North Korean leader Kim Jong-un or US President Donald Trump.

But I fear only one person has the power to cause World financial and economic meltdown.  It is the guy on the left Kim Jong-un.

The scenario in a nutshell is

- Kim continues development of his nuclear missile programme

- Kim makes one taunt too many

- Trump initiates military action

- Before total and utter anhilation,  pronounced loss of life to North Korean civilians, North Korea launches attacks on South Korea.

- South Korea suffers even minor Infrastructure Damage to its capital Seoul which is only about 50Km from the North Korean border

- The world will be thrown into a total economic shitstorm, making the Lehman Brothers crash of 2008 a walk in the park.

Is Kim Jon-un waiting for the 9th year anniversary of Lehman   (that would be September 26 2017) 


One thing is clear to me: without China's backing North Korea's theatrics would be unsustainable.  

Although China has now banned North Korean coal imports which apparently accounted for 40% of their exports, somehow the regime is still as vitriolic and anti West (mostly US) as ever.

Strong sanctions are now being imposed and on their effectiveness depends the fate of the prosperous Western Economy like no other.


If either North Korea, or the US gets physical i.e. military action the Economic consequences to the West will be irreversible.   It is ironic to me that our current way of life in the first world is just a few button presses away from a leader delusional intent on claiming that the whole world is seeking to destroy it, whereas in reality it is the reverse:  Kim Jong-un is intentionally seeking to destroy ours.

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