Sunday, August 06, 2017

Sunday Sermon: Why Losing God Hits Some of Us Harder

Neil Carter: An introduction

Neil Carter in this context is an ex Christian still living in the very religious Deep South  of the United States.   The above short video provides a good introduction.

Just My [Sincere] Opinion
Marcus' background is Engineering blended with IT (Information Technology). Also, as a Lecturer I have found it very helpful to give students plentiful examples, and life situations they can relate to.

In Neil's latest article of August 3rd I'm delighted to see that he explains why losing God is particularly hard for those who have had an established relation with their deity. And Neil uses examples.

Sometimes I have to recognise that somebody has covered a topic in every way more competently than myself and this is just one example. Rather than plagiarise I just point you to his excellent work, and of course recommend that you also subscribe ( I use the feedly RSS reader) so that all of his future articles will be brought to your attention.

And So
Without further ado I would request that you all goto

this link

It really is a very good read, and says it so much better than I could have done.

As we say in England:  Nice one Neil.