Sunday, August 13, 2017

Race to Charge

Subtitle: And also: Charge to [the] Race?

Marcus and Agata are back home in England after a very busy couple of days.  Behind the scenes we have been preparing for a challenging race and as you can see from the above we do do not travel lightly.

It is now time to recharge.  And our electrical appliances are having quite a feast.   It does remind us how we take our modern lifestyle for granted and Electricity really does keep our 2017 high technology world moving ahead effortlessly.

 Our latest Compex SP 8.0 portable Muscle stimulator 

 The Dyson DC45 portable Vacuum Cleaner.  It needs a full recharge

 Our Sonic toothbrush charging

2 pairs of Stereo earbuds,  1 Apple Potable battery pack, 2 backup Smartphones, 2 Petzl Nao rechargeable batteries, 1 Apple iPod all to be charged.

3 sets of 530 style wireless Bluetooth 4.1 headphones, all drained

Agata's trusty Apple music player.  To be charged.  So the battery does last over 12 hours then.  It worked hard.

 The Garmin 935 super watch, charging after close to 24 hours of continuous activity

When you are out in the cold fog a close shave makes Marcus feel more comfortable.  Time to recharge before the next imminent adventure.

Us Humans

The last 48 hours have been relatively tough for Marcus and Agata.  We have driven far,  we have had very little sleep, and boy have we has a wonderful time racing in the fog, rain and then sun.

But as you can see, the feet despite a rather large continuous effort are in top condition.  Lucky because this week will see another great effort and adventure from Marcus and Agata.

And Finally

Well, Minx was not at all interested in our adventures.  After 10 minutes he was so bored he left.   We hope our forthcoming post will have greater human interest.